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Two other passages are advanced as evidence of the same - and . does not claim that the author was the one who witnessed the scene but only that the scene is related on the sound basis of eyewitness.

is part of the appendix of the gospel and should not be assumed to have come from the same hand as that responsible for the body of the gospel.

Protesters, both young and old, marched from the Damond's family home to Beard's Plaissance Park where speeches were heard and fists were raised in solidarity.

They had also placed handwritten tributes and flowers in the alley where Ms Damond died.

Officer Noor was in the passenger seat of his police car and his partner, one-year rookie Matthew Harrity, was driving when they pulled into an alley behind Ms Damond's home.

Officer Noor shot across Officer Harrity and out the driver's side open window at Ms Damond as she suddenly approached their vehicle.'That's not how we train,' Ms Harteau said.

This anachronism is inconceivable as the product of an eyewitness. The word aposynagogos is found three times in the gospel (, , 16:2).

Kysar states that most scholars today see the historical setting of the Gospel of John in the expulsion of the community from the synagogue (op. The high claims made for Jesus and the response to them (), the polemic against "the Jews" (, , , ), and the assertion of a superiority of Christian revelation to the Hebrew (, -50, ) show that "the Johannine community stood in opposition to the synagogue from which it had been expelled." (p.

The police chief also said Officer Noor, who's been stood down, must be afforded due process as investigators continue to piece together the chain of events.918) Kysar states concerning the dating of the Gospel of John: "Those who relate the expulsion to a formal effort on the part of Judaism to purge itself of Christian believers link the composition of the gospel with a date soon after the Council of Jamnia, which is supposed to have promulgated such an action. Those inclined to see the expulsion more in terms of an informal action on the part of a local synagogue are free to propose an earlier date." (p.

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