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In any case, as a rule, always take the stairs and walk up escalators instead of the lift.

Over the weekend when you have a little more time, try to allow for a longer walk or other exercise activity.

These don’t need to be fresh; frozen are equally nutritious and offer great convenience.

Try this healthy vegetarian Aubergine and Chickpea Moussaka, which can also be frozen for the busy period ahead.

Always keep onions and garlic in stock and if your larder is full with tinned tomatoes, beans and healthy grains like quinoa and brown rice, you can prepare a sauce easily.

Batch cooking and keeping meals and soups in the freezer are always a welcome choice if you’re pressed for time and want to ensure you are eating healthily.

If you can muster up even the slightest motivation, you are unlikely to regret your decision to exercise!

Try to avoid going out for meals and takeaways for the coming weeks in the lead up to the festive season.

Restricting your intake to certain days only will allow your liver a chance to rest and repair, so you are more resilient to the excesses over the festive period.You may have good intentions to cook from scratch but you haven’t had time to shop.With the colder evenings, the thought of venturing out may not appeal and you might be tempted to order a takeaway instead.We want to party like it’s Christmas without having to cry into a boring purging regime come January.

Basically we want to drink and dance and eat but not gain and perhaps even lose a bit of weight…We set nutritionist MAY SIMPKIN the challenge.Make it easier for yourself by ensuring that your larder, freezer and hopefully your fridge are well stocked with healthy staples, so you can easily put a meal together.