Uk dating reveiw

02-Dec-2017 00:34

It was fun chatting to so many ladies, and I even had a few matches which was I was pleased with. Good mix of new users and those who had gone through the process before.Above all felt safe and location seems to have guaranteed a better quality of participants to choose from.We did apologise that you had organised a dog walker and merely suggested to still do something rather than waste the fee you had already paid – after all Tuesday was the hottest day of the year.I am sorry that you took that as not professional and have deemed our customer service a lot to be desired.The table/booth set up was good and I liked how the ladies stayed put and the gents did all the moving around.It was nice to have a break midway for a leg stretch/bar visit and this was a good chance to continue on a conversation from earlier, make some more notes or just people watch.

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We attended Circo in George Street Bath on Thursday 28/07/16.

I attended Southampton and the venue and atmosphere was excellent with good numbers of dates to chat with.