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A second internal 73GB 15K SCSI hard disk will be configured as a single "Volume Group" that will be used for all shared disk storage requirements.

The Openfiler server will be configured to use this volume group for i SCSI based storage and will be used in our Oracle RAC 11 Release 2 (11.2), the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Oracle Clusterware software is packaged together in a single binary distribution and installed into a single home directory, which is referred to as the Grid Infrastructure home.

Hello, I have just a general question, and havent had any luck searching for the answer, any information or direction would be greatly appreciated, here are the details: Right now DHCP on our network is handled by a Catalyst switch 4506, but the problem is it is not updating our DNS, like as in a windows Active Directory Integration Zone. Is there a way/commands to have the Cisco switch update our Windows DNS server when a DHCP clients lease is up, or is released?

RHEL5.6, bind-9.3.6, and dhcp-3.0.5 So, after I fixed my problem with getting DHCP to parse the MAC addresses for these virtual machines, now I need to figure out how to get it to update DNS when one of those virtual hosts is up and active.

Part of this solution is the ability to store the Oracle Clusterware files; namely the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) and the Voting Files (VF — also known as the Voting Disks) on ASM.

The Oracle RAC software owner must also have the OSDBA group and the optional OSOPER group as secondary groups.Automatic Storage Management and Oracle Clusterware Files As previously mentioned, Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is now fully integrated with Oracle Clusterware in the Oracle grid infrastructure.Oracle ASM and Oracle Database 11 Release 2 provide a more enhanced storage solution from previous releases.For a production RAC implementation, the private interconnect should be at least Gigabit (or more) with redundant paths and "only" be used by Oracle to transfer Cluster Manager and Cache Fusion related data.

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A third dedicated network interface ( , for example) should be configured on another redundant Gigabit network for access to the network storage server (Openfiler).

Unfortunately, for many shops, the price of the hardware required for a typical production RAC configuration makes this goal impossible.