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05-Feb-2018 13:42

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Oh, and do you think it is because they didn’t grow up in the industry that they are terrible with Hindi film history?

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And it’s also been the case for years that the upperclasses tend to look down on mainstream Hindi films.They are sort of under the glass ceiling, close enough to the real power to be able to see it, but cut off.Which is what they kind of acknowledge when Karan asks what it’s like having an “equation” with both Ranbir and Katrina, and Parineeti and Aditya both say that everyone is fine on the surface, but it’s like there are “vibes” no one talks about going on underneath.See, this is what the “new” industry structure has brought!

All these upper upper class boys from non-film families are getting launched, and they don’t know ANYTHING!!!

And based on that, he knew that Parineeti and Aditya are kind of a kick when they talk together. And there really is NO romantic chemistry between Parineeti and Aditya.