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News articles announcing pilot departures and arrivals made the front page back then, as did those reporting pilots were okay: “There is no truth to the report that Pilot Young is missing,” reads a headline from The Anchorage Daily Times.

Overdue aircraft were common, as were the stories of pilots emerging unscathed after all manner of delays, breakdowns and mishaps.

Ben Eielson departed Anchorage on September 20, 1929, expecting to find his friend Russ Merrill in a matter of hours.

Along with an observer, he flew the 225 miles to Sleetmute believing he would soon find Merrill, or hear word of his location.

In 1927, Eielson and George Wilkins crash-landed on the ice about 65 miles northwest of Barrow while trying to be the first to navigate across the Arctic.

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He loved the area so much that he sent for his wife and children only a week later.The maps told these men, (and they were very nearly all men), practically nothing.Surveys could only give them vague guidelines for distance and altitude and there was little about what really mattered: places to land.In the next few years he finished college, went to work as an engineer and business manager, got married and started a family.

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He also did everything he could to get back into the air.Hunters and fishermen found their way to remote camps with Merrill, establishing a burgeoning tourism economy for the region where one had been largely impossible before the airplane.