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Chun's personality wasn't that of a person who would allow such teasing, so he began to tease her back. We know, how busy you are, you will find time to be free on Ella's birthday. Also, CHUN WAS SPOTTED HELPING ELLA BUY SOMETHING ON A STORE. I really wish for her happiness and that Chun will always be there to protect her and when a magazine start another rumor about her Chun can just tell them off and say like leave my girl alone. looks like they been planning to have bayby one in the near future.. do you think it's Chun holding the baby in this pic below ?

By the end of filming, the two had become good friends. Full 1, 2, & 3.02 Feb - SHE and FLH attend KKBOX AWARD where CHUN WAS CAUGHT STARING AT ELLA. Just like how Hebe told off Apple Daily during Ren Pa's birthday when they were bugging Ella again. it seems that we're now waiting patiently for the latest MN's BTS to be released and that our beloved CE are still the main lead for the new CF According to a recent article in JP, seems like J wants to make up with his ex again while he answered the question about Ella, "We have kinda bro-sis relationship , then I can't think of her as my girlfriend" don't know if it's true but can be reasonable since Ella has already her fiance Chunnie~! I'm really happy that he liked my fanart.the flip side, feeling a bit sorry since he can't pick up my CE works. the pic : am just guessing that it could be Chun because of the watch (it looks like B&R watch right?

One of the major ones is how we believe that the two are sharing a lot of their things. ”Part 34 : by mizuki, “I've heard you started shooting new drama already and will be there for 3 months. I really really hope you'll attend your wife's concert tomorrow!! ”Part 36 : by May, “I learned from some posts here that you left for Shanghai, so there's a possibility that you won't be attending sh E's concert... Even a little gift means something especially to Ella! CLIPMay - News of Ella having a secret boyfriend (DJ) start to appear. here's the picture of Chun wearing it also the news accompanying the picture pretty sure the reporter made fun of Chun coz CE fans of are very mad about this news .. love love love it when he said that he wants his baby to be chubby like that too (ehehe..

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During the promotions for HK, their friendship only strengthened; Ella was constantly teasing him about his chinese and he was constantly teasing her about her being "miss mo ka cheng." In the BTS of Zen Me Ban filming, we can see all the teasing that goes on between them because there is rarely a moment when they aren't bickering in that MV, that is unless he was too busy staring at her in her dress. If it's not the way they constantly give out hints, it's the way they copy each other. If I have the chance , I really wanna go and meet you with the other CE fans and shout myself the slogan , "CE LOVE YOU!! CE spotted whispering to each other during airing of ZSTS MV. Apr - Ella accidental slip of tongue (the “It's only work” when questioned about Chun working with Angela), Chun starts filming his new show “Romantic Princess”. Instead he has to say indirect things instead of directly defending her. BTW, your new CECPs with pics shared by burn~ are soo cute and funny..pepper~ That fanart of mine, I posted it in Chun's thread, C4 before. seems like Oguri and Yu couple is getting along well together. I seriously don't understand the content of the news because it's the news published by Apple Daily and it's written by one the reporter that I hate the most .has always wrote not so nice things about Chun and Ella before ..

If there are newbies wanting to join us, please don't hesitate! she's my girl” because that will be the end of their most cherished career. Chun: Yah, you're so lucky you got to eat one of my favorite food.. Come on Angels let's keep urging him to marry Ella.

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