Stages of commitment dating uncertainty

10-Oct-2017 20:12

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In my psychotherapy practice I see a lot of clients who are anxious, sad and frustrated in their relationships.Most often, the anxiety comes from a feeling of not being secure in their relationship.The most effective way to do this is to explain that unless they are sure about you or ready to work on a relationship that is headed toward the commitment you want, then it's best you part ways for the time being and cut off contact and communication.This will initiate a change in a dynamic that will eventually go 1 of 2 ways: 1. If both people decide they want to be in a committed relationship at a point in the future, they will be more inclined to make the changes necessary to be in a relationship where both people feel safe and have their needs met.The best thing to do when you're involved with someone who is not giving you what you need or deserve is end the dynamic and the relationship for the time being.This doesn't mean that you must never see them again but if a non-committal pattern has been established, then it will be highly unlikely something will change unless you change something.This is because the rollercoaster dynamic can make you feel like you're crazy and desperately wanting to be with that person.

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Sometimes the rollercoaster dynamic makes it easy to think you are in love with someone or that no on else can compare to them.In many cases, the person who feels so certain is blinded by a myriad of complex factors.

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