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—^ J This agency is charged with the responsibility of reviewing applications from health care facilities for a determination of need under G. Describe the geographical area or areas which will be affected by the project (s), including distinguishing natviral and man-made characteris- tics, and a brief description of the present use of the area or areas. V The Center will be built on the main campus of the Hospital at the Fruit Street location. Aasenamont of Knvi ronmental Damage Answer the following questions by placing a check In the appropriate space; consider both short and long terra damage.

It will be located on North Grove Street on the site of the present Moseley and Wolcott buildings which will be demolished. Wherever "No" is checked, indicate on the lines below the question why there will be no significant damage. Could the project (s) affect the use of a recreational area or area of important aesthetic value? Are any of the natural or man-made features in affected area(s) unique; that is, not found in other parts of the Commonwealth or nation?

II-l Prior to issuing the Certificate of Need, the DPH is required - by its own environmental regulations and by those established in Chapter 30, Section 62 of the General Laws of Massachusetts - to consider the potential environmental effects of a planned hospital facility.

This report, submitted in fulfillment of that requirement, is intended to inform decision-makers and the public about the probable environmental impacts of the ACC before it is approved, and to ensure that the MGH use all practical means to minimize foreseeable potential environmental damage.

The completed construction will provide a larger more sympathetic landscaped setting for this hi stor ic bui Iding including restoration of the historic view from the top of Anderson St. The project area is an urban site with no known reserves of natural resources. Does the project (s) area serve as a habitat, food source, nesting place, source of water, etc. The project area is an urban site and does not serve any function for either wildlife or fish. Could the project(s) affect fish, wildlife, or plant life?

Given the project's urban location surrounded by high density development, it is unlikely that it could effect fish, wildlife or plantlife. Are there any rare or endangered plant species in the affected area(s)?

There may be some aelet^l'IOUy Sffe CL OR Lfl B dir and d Llll Ubphere from pol 1 ut ion . Could the project(s) affect an area of Important scenic value? ( ) It has been determined' that the project will not cause significant environmental damage. A draft environmental impact report will be submitted on February 15, 1975 (approximate date) . Each floor would contain a dif- ferent medical specialty and be linked to the comparable inpatient specialty service in the Whice Building.

Yet the ACC would not add any new health care services to those already provided by the hospital, nor would it require additional medical staff.

Rather, the proposed center would serve as a means to reorganize and consolidate existing ambulatory care services to provide a single standard of high quality and cost effective ambulatory care.

In addition, it would improve the efficiency of health care delivery and reduce the need for long patient waiting times and multiple return visits.

Some variances of zoning regulations may be required 12. Will Che project(s) Involve the application, use or disposal of potentially hazardous materials?

Will the project(s) require certification, authoriza- tion or issuance of a permit by any local, state or federal environmental control agency? Radiological materials necessary for laboratory wor k will be used, in strict accordance with present regulations regarding their use. Will the project (s) involve construction of facilities in a flood plain?The project is not located on or near a flood plain . Could the project (s) result in the generation of signi- ficant amounts of noise?