Dating vintage cars

07-Aug-2017 21:32

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The open top bus shown here is certainly very well loaded, note the child perched on the bonnet, and solid rubber tyres fitted to this particular charabanc.

The motorised cycle shown in this photograph belonged to a chap living in Buxton, Derbyshire, and pre-dates the more common layout of motorcycles in later years.

Some of the photos shown on this page were sent in by visitors to this site, other pictures I've found in junk shops and purchased off the net.

Parked on the left is an unidentified lorry, owned by Ever Ready batteries by the look of it, with a 1930s car - Austin? What I really like about this little photo is the drinking fountain on the right. Various cars are shown here, as is a large charabanc further down the quay, complete with 2 spare tyres strapped on the back.Teutonic radiator, bespoke coachwork and disc wheels allude."The photos shown here were picked up on ebay recently.Written in ink on the back of this pic is Barmouth, 1931, perhaps a shot taken on a holiday?The story of Walter, and one of his rides on this interesting machine, can be read on John's site on which the pic was originally published.

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Brother of Walter above, was Alfred DOXEY, seen here with a very old pushbike a few years earlier, in 1889.

The car reminds me of a Morris - but I'm told it is probably a Standard - can anyone id this car for definite?

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