Dating culture in paraguay

10-Nov-2017 12:48

A few years ago, Viewzone conducted several expeditions in Colorado to examine the possibility that some of these petroglyphs were actually records of phonetic sounds representing the language spoken by their creators.Successful translations used an ancient dialect that preceded Hebrew and Arabic.Spear points and hunting aftifacts have been found 60 miles off the Virginia coast in what was the coastal area during the height of the last ice age.If the petroglyphs at the Nevada site are not the art or writing of the Clovis culture, it is certainly from a civilization that preceded or co-existed with them, perhaps Solutrean.This new date in Nevada pushes the record of human habitation back to about 13,000 BC and coincides with the late phase of Clovis culture, before they disappeared from history.Other archaeological sites containing less technical artifacts have since been discovered and date as far back as 20,000 years ago.

These were actually chunks of moon dirt that were coated by glass.But the Clovis culture seems to have been the most advanced paleo-Indian civilization.