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And they gives me that bullshit about no lottery in this game... I'm saving SG whole month to collect 800 of them and it gives me 4 shitty music discs, 2 pieces of shit that I can't use, 2 pieces of shit that I don't need and 2 items which I'm already have... If they actually tried to fight, then I don't think it's a problem. My idea is intended for EQ style quests more than free explore by the way, so I'm assuming that you have 11 other players to work with. If the shield guys stun someone, that player is bumped to the top of the aggro list for the teleporters.

I see that as an issue when mobs are just fodder for you to blow up. Like my idea behind the cooperating darkers could just be an aggro override.

The deeds of each Sanguinary Guard are recorded with reverent diligence.

At high feast days, those rare occasions when the entire Chapter is gathered together, the Sanguinary Guard's deeds are recounted, delivered with gusto and pride by battle-steeped Veterans to attentive Scout Marines and Aspirants.

It is only during times of greatest need that such a banner is released from the Arx Angelicum, for these magnificently crafted relics are links to the Chapter's oldest days, and some were borne to war during the Great Crusade itself.

Yet the vision of a golden angel soaring into battle with a storied banner of the Blood Angels held high can inspire fervour beyond words in the warriors of the Imperium, and transform even the direst rout into glorious victory against the odds.

Spacing can be controlled sort of like it is in TD/BQ, with mobs told to prefer specific locations.

This is a great idea, but it would find more use in a role-based MMO.

They served with the Primarch until he perished in the assault on the Warmaster Horus' Battle Barge Vengeful Spirit during the final hours of the Battle of Terra.

Of Saronath, whose coming was so terrible it set WAAAGH!

Rokchewa to flight, and of Sepharan, who entered the gates of hell itself to battle for his Chapter's soul.

Following the Blood Angels' victory with the aid of the forces of the Indomitus Crusade, the Sanguinary Guard's ranks were soon fully reinforced thanks to the arrival on Baal of Primaris Space Marines of Blood Angels heritage with the Indomitus Crusade fleet.

Chosen before the commencement of each conflict by a council of peers, one amongst the Sanguinary Guard may be given the honour of bearing their Chapter standard into battle.Of these warriors they tell, and of countless others, past and present.