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Some men don't know how to show respect.'I have always given my seat up on public transport to the elderly and expecting mothers that I've seen struggling.'Others weren't as sympathetic.

A man wrote: 'Women say they want equality and want to be treated the same as men but then get upset when something like this happens.

Also her child is a bit too old to be breastfed, surely solids will suffice?

'This is the second incident of a mother hitting out at 'rude' comments on the subject of breastfeeding.

Bryony Esther, 32, shared a photograph of her attempting to breastfeed her child while surrounded by men taking up all nearby seats.

The mother-of-three revealed no one offered to give up their spot for her and one man just chose to gawp at her instead.

Oh, wait, Fuckbook shareholders are naturally devoid of functional brain cells. My buddy who worked at Wal Mart way back in the day (early 90's).

Earlier this month a parent defended herself after a stranger ordered her to 'put her ****** **** away' after she posted pictures of herself breastfeeding online.

Health officials say breastfeeding is good for both mothers and babies, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke in parents by up to 10 per cent.

proven that there is no such thing as internet security? 3) It will only take one disgruntled asshole ten seconds to bring this whole plan crashing down.

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Anybody with half-assed hacking skills would be able to access those images. It only took one butthurt antifa fuckwit to close down the POTUS' Twatter account.

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