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Thanks again to my two wonderful volunteer editors, you have then to thank for this story being palatable, and one even helped me co-write part of a Lindsay bathroom scene. You should be more attentive, Joey, if she had gotten drunk from the beer you've got there, it would be kind your fault too if she got fetal alcohol syndrome. So shut up about it already." "You're getting an abortion?! Aria lead Lindsay inside, wrapping her arms around her shivering form, looking back to see Devon helping Joey up. As Devon pulled Joey up they both had steely looks in their eyes. " Hannah brought the bottle to her lips and raised it vertically, chugging wine for a good five seconds before stepping off the coffee table and hop-stepping over to the pair with a goofy grin on her face. Hannah, too many drinks in to question it, said "Don't worry about it. Aria grabbed the hand towel by the sink and lead Lindsay to sit on the toilet. " Aria patted Lindsay's wet exposed skin of her neck and arms dry with the soft towel. Lauren and I had an argument and it just kind of happened. And over the last few days she had been feeling these things that she had never felt for a girl before but for Aria. From the first time they interacted in history class Lindsay had been crushing hard on Aria. Like, she had made out with other girls before at parties like this but it was always to get a reaction from the boys.So, to all of you who asked for some smut with Lindsay and revenge on Lauren, here you go! ---------------- The room went quiet as Aria walked in and Lauren stormed out. Are you ready for that kind of responsibility or blame? The first bathroom Aria and Lindsay came to had grunting noises coming out of it and drunk listeners outside of it. " Hannah called back, shimmying and sloshing some wine onto her hand that clasped the neck of the bottle. "We need a bathroom." Lindsay nodded against Aria's chest, still sobbing. " Hannah indicated with her bottle towards the stairs. Hannah sat on the edge of the tub, and lifted her bottle, offering a sip to Aria and Lindsay. Aria softly towelled Lindsay's hair as she replied. Are there any more towels in the cupboard over there? Probably." Hannah kicked off her heels and examined her pedicure. Aria looked around and located a tissue box by the sink and brought it over to Lindsay. And Aria was pretty cute, sure, but she wasn't exactly Squad material. I mean, she found girls hot because who wouldn't, but also like, what?

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This put a stop to all Betting On Potential, being immersed in denying, rationalising, and minimising, and basically compensating for the type of effort that no-one should ever make up the shortfall for.If you’re saying ‘love’ and they’re saying ‘friendship’, it’s time to step. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.

Since it’s phone access, you pay by the second, and if you are “done”, just hang up the phone and the connection will stop.… continue reading »

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I got such a great response from that video, it made me start to think I should make more videos, and….we are!… continue reading »

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