Vietnamese customs dating

26-Oct-2017 16:53

In Thailand, a few friends told me I would never be able to get Vietnamese people to talk about their dating culture.

They are known as a shy, proper, and generally more repressed people.

Phuk and Ly seemed as though they wanted to cup their hands over one of their mouths if they said too much.

Perhaps their adult anxiety displayed evidence of change.

Sometimes this was obvious such as in statements like, “You know, in Viet Nam we still have the old generation.

But in America, the teenagers, they are very open; they really are easy to have sex with another one.” A 24-year-old girl named Bi said this to me, and the concerned expression on her face made me laugh out loud. In the family the man has to decide to buy anything.

According to Nguyen and Trang, two first-year university students, and Ly, a 27-year-old mother, boys and girls start dating around 14 or 15. I think in America much more common and also they have sex very early! Here now it’s a little different, maybe they can have sex before they get married but maybe 19 or 20, not 15 or 16.” Nguyen and Trang heard Ly telling me this and gave me some silent headshakes.

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They will definitely want to take pictures with you and friend you on Facebook. ” He might say “hello and [giggling] after that he will say to her, ‘You can give me your number?

They will also ask you if you know any rich people to sponsor a visa. ’ And then they text message together and start dating.” Nguyen and Trang said kids have sex before marriage, usually starting around age 16.But the domestic violence that Trang described so casually cannot be romanticized.