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When they start showing each other You Tube videos on their phones to each other, I just can't take it anymore. I talk about how cold it is all the way to my car and don't even look back as I say goodbye. And I get in my There is absolutely no way this dude could possibly think that went well.

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He says he doesn't have a whole lot of money to go out right now and would I just like to come over to his apartment and hang out?So I sorta just ignore his ensuing texts and our communication ends. He makes jokes and talks with them while I sit there petting the cats. "Not really, no", he utters as he continues to play.Then he gets on his phone and starts playing some sort of shooting game which I can clearly hear. The roommates come out into the front room and sit down at a nearby table. They all chit chat with each other as I am forced to also get on my phone.They assume his bad temper has manifested,and later escalated, only as a result of his frustrations with many incompetent filmmakers.

He also might be slightly insane, given his flamboyant spirit and going a bit wild and loud in interviews, which certainly hasn’t helped his image.

I know (our love and dating coach/guru) would die at this notion, but I wasn't feeling too keen on going out anywhere anyway so I said sure. "My wife took the two dogs," comes out of his mouth.