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16-Oct-2017 04:05

Some of the team’s consistency problems are also mental, said Chiarelli.“Things can spiral a little bit mentally,” he said. and you consciously or subconsciously you get into a comfort level.”Chiarelli cautioned against overreacting.“You can’t just blow things up,” he said.“We’re trying to figure it out,” he added.“We’d like to see some traction somewhere and if we don’t we’re going to have to take a different tack.In a frank conversation with reporters before the club’s game against the Arizona Coyotes, Chiarelli acknowledged that lack of scoring and subpar defending, goaltending and special teams have all contributed to the Oilers’ woeful start that has seen team has tumble down the standings to 27th place in the 31-team league.It’s not what was expected of the promising young squad that boosted beleagured fans’ hopes by making the playoffs last season after an excruciating 10-year drought.You start playing elite players — some already on NHL contracts — at a young age and will probably be put in a position to fill the net.If you’re not in that elite-elite forward group — unless you’re a generational talent like Jack Eichel, who can punch his ticket anywhere he likes — I think it’s probably wise to go to the USHL then college, because that gives you more time to develop against USHL players who are also very good, and then when you get to college (you can even accelerate so you’re playing NCAA in your draft year) you’re playing against guys that are as old as 25.

As has been the theme of this season, things aren’t going the way anyone expected, and at this point it’s starting to be one of those things where people are saying, “Look, that was funny for a month or two but knock it off!

But for whatever reason, the results and the process just hasn’t been there.